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Topaz: The Stone of Fire!

Topaz is the orthorhombic fluorosilicate of aluminum. The name itself, according to Pliny, was derived from Topazios, an island in the Red Sea that was probably the early source of Peridot. The island was named for a Greek world meaning "to gues", because it was often obscured by fog and difficult to find. Some present day authorities believe that the name is a derivative of the Sanskrit word "topas" meaning "fire."

Perhaps no other gem has had more varied or preposterous powers ascribed to it. When worn as an amulet, it was said to drive away sadness, strengthen the intellect, and bestow courage. A topaz mounted in gold and hung around the neck was believed to dispel enchantment. When the powdered stone was put in wine, it was used as a cure for asthma, insomnia, burns and hemorrhage. It was considered the stone of fruitfulness and faithfulness, conferring cheerfulness on the wearer, calming passions, and preventing bad dreams. Topaz was supposed to become obscure in contact with poison and quench the heat of boiling water. All of these powers were believed to increase and decrease with changes of the moon.

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Blue Topaz - Briolette - 5.35 Carats
5.35 Carats. Natural Blue Briolette Topaz Loose Gemstone Gemstone Information Gem TypeTopazGem C..
$53.00 $43.00
Ex Tax: $43.00
Swiss Blue Topaz - Rectangular - 5.54 Carats
Outstanding Rectangular shaped Swiss Blue Topaz gemstone with eye catching brilliance from Madaga..
Ex Tax: $57.00

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