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Terms & Conditions

Shipping & Handling

Registered Air Mail / Delivery 7-14 days / Fully insured for the Order Total.


Payment Options

Credit Card


Bank transfer


Guarantee / Certification

All gemstones are 100% natural and earth mined, unless otherwise stated as synthetic in their descriptions.

All photos and videos are of the actual gem for sale (No Stock Photos).

We offer three different certifications from SLNGJA for $5, $10 & $20 additional fee.


Size and Weight

Gems are always measured in Millimeters (mm).

Compare mm Size with US coins.

Dimensions are given as height x width x depth.

Select gems by size, not by weight! Gem varieties vary in density, so carat weight is not a good indication of size

Note: 1ct = 0.2g


Additional Quantities

Every item is unique, so you can only order 1 of each item

However, we often have similar or matching items. If so, we display them on the same gem details page.


Clarity Explained

IF = Loupe Clean - Internally flawless; free of inclusions

VVS = Almost Loupe Clean - Very, very slight inclusions; inclusions barely seen under 10x magnification

VS = Eye Clean - Very slight inclusions; inclusions can be seen under 10x magnification

SI = Slightly included - Small inclusions can be seen with the naked eye

I1 = Included - Inclusions can be seen with the naked eye

Transparent = A gemstone having the property of transmitting light without serious diffusion / may have rutile or other inclusions

Translucent = Allowing light to pass through, but not transparent

Opaque = Does not allow light to pass through


Return Policy

All gems have a 30-day inspection period, which begins on the date of delivery. Gems may be returned for a full refund during this period.

Please email us for return authorization code when returning a gem.

For more details click here

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