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Ruby: The King of Colored Gemstones !

Ruby is the magnificent red variety of the multi-colored corundum species, with bright red of body color and fluorescence, supreme hardness and toughness, outstanding brilliance and luster and the highest value of all colored gemstones for the rarity.

Bright red color of ‘Burmese ruby’ from Mogok valley in Myanmar is in the top place in demand. Rubies from Sri Lanka are of higher brilliance, with a trace of violet.

Ruby is named after the Latin word "ruber" for red. Ruby is one of the most expensive gems, large rubies being rarer than comparable diamonds. Many rubies are an essential part of royal insignia and other famous jewelry.

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Light Pink Naturally Included Ruby - Cabochon - 1.14 Carats
Gorgeous Cabochon shaped Light Pink Naturally Included Ruby gemstone with beautiful glow. ..
Ex Tax: $29.00
Pigeon Blood Red Ruby - Pear - 2.25 Carats
2.25 Carat Loose Ruby Pear Cut Stone. It has Pigeon Blood Red color. This beautiful ruby comes from ..
$516.00 $415.00
Ex Tax: $415.00
Pinkish Red Ruby - Cushion - 2.62 Carats
2.62 Ct. Huge Super Luster Richest Pinkish Red Unheated Ruby Gemstone Information Gem TypeRubyGe..
$2,523.00 $1,915.00
Ex Tax: $1,915.00
Red Ruby - Pear - 2.92 Carats
2.92 Carat Loose Ruby Pear Cut Gemstone Information Gem TypeRubyGem ColorRedNo. of Pieces1 pc (S..
$668.00 $537.00
Ex Tax: $537.00
Red Ruby - Pear Cabochon - 7.7 Carats
7.70 Carats. Unheated!! Natural Pear Cabochon Red Star Ruby 6 Rays Loose Gemstone. Image as shown..
$675.00 $548.00
Ex Tax: $548.00
Red Star Ruby - Oval Cabochon - 6.05 Carats
6.05 Carats. Nice! Natural Oval Cabochon Red Star Ruby 6 Rays Loose Gemstone. Image as shown is u..
$174.00 $144.00
Ex Tax: $144.00
Unheated Royal Red Ruby - Heart - 1.03 Carats
Unheated 1.03 Carats. Lustrous Royal Red Ruby Heart Shape Gemstone Information Gem TypeRubyGem C..
$485.00 $376.00
Ex Tax: $376.00

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