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The Traditional Gemstone Gift List For Special Anniversaries

Actually, these are the anniversaries to be celebrated big time, and the ones for which the gifts need to be more meaningful. Since the big crowds wont be there any longer for anniversary parties, it is the closest friends and the family which celebrate the successful negotiation of yet another year. With kids, grandkids, nephews and nieces all around, these anniversaries are to show them and set an example that a successful marriage can bring about so much happiness.

Hence, the gifts for these anniversaries also are pre-set in our tradition. Though people make changes freely in them nowadays, the basic metal and stone suggested would not change. Here is the list, and we have skipped the ones in between to accommodate the more significant milestones.

10th Year Diamond jewelry Till year 10, diamonds dont feature in the gift list. The first significant anniversary in the list is the tenth, and that certainly deserves diamond jewelry. The most preferred pieces of jewelry for the tenth anniversary are matching sets for both the husband and the wife something like a matching pair of bracelets, or even eternity rings. Try something unique, and online options are your best bet.

15th Year Ruby / Watches For the 15th anniversary, there are two options which are recommended. The first is a pair of luxury watches, usually with some kind of precious stones studded into them. Some of the internets leading online jewelry stores also feature some spectacular bargains on luxury watches. The second choice is rubies. Ruby studded pendants, rings, and necklaces are all the rage this season, and if you can get a pair of watches studded with rubies, that would be the awesome.

20th Year Platinum / Emerald Till now, no where have platinum and emerald been featured, and the 20th anniversary is amazingly special. So, this is the perfect combination, and if you can pick out a platinum ring with an emerald studded in, you are sure to make the couples day. When you celebrate your 20th anniversary, consider getting this set for your wife, and you will make the day extra special. Online, you can design your own rings, and you can mix and match the metal with the right kind of stone for your occasion.

25th Year Sterling Silver Now, this is surprising. This is probably the most affordable gift in the whole list, but then, sterling silver has a special significance. The 25th anniversary, known as the silver jubilee surely deserves the best in silver, and sterling silver is a metal that has a lifetime guarantee on it. Search for the best pieces of designer jewelry online, and you will see why this metal is so elegant and so admired.

30th Year Pearl and Jade With the options in designer jewelry that we have today, it is not too difficult to stud jade into the pendant or the necklace. Just be sure that you go in for the best grade of jade it should be genuinely luminescent green.

40th Year Ruby Look up for a BIG stone that is fiery red for this occasion.

50th Year Gold Golden jubilee, you see. Very few couples manage to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary, and the gift for the occasion is something that cannot be bought with money. Pick up something truly special in pure gold, and ensure that you do not stud it with diamonds. Golden jubilee = only gold.

75th Year Diamond That is why it is known as the diamond jubilee. If you manage to witness a diamond jubilee anniversary of a couple, consider yourself very lucky! That couple is among a very select few in the world who manage to reach this momentous milestone, and we dont have anything to say about choosing a diamond for that occasion!

These gifts are not just for the sake of a gift, but they are steeped in our tradition. Each time we follow the list, we are adding value to our culture, and setting an example for our next generation.

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