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Consider Semi Precious Gemstone Jewellery For Your Summer Love

Winter brings with it the joy of Christmas time, the romance of Valentine's Day, and the passion of a cold winter's night. Summer, though, brings its own pleasures; as the days get longer and the flowers bloom, our hearts look to brighter, more fun tokens of our affections. Though gold and silver are beautiful, and diamonds are a girl's best friends, nothing says summer love like a stunning gemstone cluster necklace. Semi-precious jewellery is beautiful and economical, and is full of the sparkle, colour, and spontaneity of a summer love. Amethyst, with its rich purple hues and deep spiritual connection, makes a lovely gift for a summer's day. Amethyst clip-on earrings would make a wonderful gift for graduates, summer birthdays, or almost anyone; the beauty lies in that they would make an equally good present for a grandmother or a lover, a friend or a co-worker, a wife or a daughter. Picture her, also, in turquoise, the turquoise clip-on earrings bringing a hint of sky blue to her sun tanned summer skin. When making gift decisions then, consider semi-precious gemstone jewellery; its beauty is eternal, and its colours exquisite.

When deciding on a piece of jewellery, consider her skin tone. An olive-skinned beauty would look lovely in turquoise, where a fair-haired maiden might sparkle in amethyst, tiger's eye or coral. Picture an onyx cabochon nestled against her fair skin, or a gemstone cluster necklace made up of many different colours to highlight her shifting moods and attitudes. A diamond may be forever, but a semi-precious stone is for today; their lower price and greater variety allow for a purchase without guilt or long-term commitment. If you have yet to reach the jewellery stage of a relationship, perhaps you have merely been considering the wrong type of jewellery; do not underestimate gemstones for their beauty and variety.

When you were a child, you could make gifts to make your mother smile. Now, it is somewhat more difficult, as the macaroni necklaces that so pleased her give way to more difficult gift-giving decisions. Mum will always love jewellery from you, however; consider a pair of amethyst clip-on earrings or a lovely gemstone cluster necklace to bring a smile to her face and remind her that you are thinking of her. It need not be a major financial investment, but a gemstone necklace says I love you. I'm thinking about you.

With summer time comes graduation. We see the children that we have nurtured move out of our homes and into their own, and see them blossom into the young men and women who will be the foundation of our society. As we look at our daughters, beautiful, young, and full of potential, we are filled with pride for the girls they have been and the women they will be. To commemorate this occasion, then, what better gift than that of semi-precious jewellery. She will receive gold, silver, and diamonds soon enough from all of the young men who have been beating down your door for years. From you, though, a splash of purple, a hint of sky blue; it is these which embody the youth and spontaneity that she holds dear.

As the days get longer, and you are thinking about what to get your wife for your anniversary, or your mother for her birthday, consider semi-precious gemstone jewellery. As the days get shorter again, she will see the amethyst clip-on earrings that you so thoughtfully gave her and remember the sunshine of summer, the roar of the sea, and the beauty of a garden walk. These memories of summer will carry her through the dreariness of winter, until Christmas, when you may again surprise her with a gemstone cluster necklace. It will bring a smile to her face and yours, as you have chosen a truly unique, economical, and thoughtful gift for the woman in your life which will not be soon forgotten.

Gemstones In Jewellery - Understanding Citrine

This article will look at the characteristics surrounding the orange gemstone, citrine. Citrine is a member of the quartz family, like amethyst, however this is a relatively rare gemstone in comparison to the popular amethyst or smokey quartz. In fact, amethyst or smokey quartz are often heated to change their colour to resemble citrine in order to keep up with the demand for this popular stone. Occurring in a wide range of colours from pale yellow to yellowish brown and even red, this stone can be found in several places around the world including Brazil, Africa and Russia.

Its striking yellow colour and availability had led to citrine becoming popular as a more affordable alternative to yellow diamonds and sapphires. Often used to create stunning pieces of jewellery, this beautiful yellow gemstone can be combined with other stones such as peridot, amethyst and garnet to great effect. This popular gemstone is also the birth stone for November and is used to mark the 17th year of marriage.

All quartz stones are piezoelectric which means when they are rubbed together an electrical charge is created which becomes a magnet to attract lightweight objects. The MOH scale measures a gems relative hardness on a scale of one to ten based on 'scratchability'. Diamond is the hardest measuring a ten, with pearl and amber the softest measuring a 2.5. Citrine is relatively hard measuring a seven on the MOH scale.

As it measures a seven and is only relatively hard it is susceptible to scratching and is not recommended for everyday wear. As with any fine jewellery it should be removed before undertaking any heavy work to protect the stone and setting from accidental knocks and damage. Like amethyst, sunlight can seriously affect the stones appearance; prolonged exposure to sunlight or heat should be avoided to preserve the bold and characteristic colours that make this gemstone so popular. It is for this reason that ultra sonic cleaners should be avoided. To keep your jewellery looking its best we would recommend cleaning it in warm soapy water and gently rubbing it with a soft toothbrush to remove any dirt or dust that may have become lodged in the setting or behind the stone.

Not only does this striking gemstone hold such a strong appeal due to its colour, it is also linked to medicinal properties such as removing toxins from the body and it was commonly used a charm against snake bites. Citrine symbolises light-heartedness, joy and happiness and is said to have a calming influence making this the perfect gemstone.

I hope that by following the above advice you can preserve the stunning look of your citrine jewellery and now fully understand the history, cleaning routine and even the legends that surround this striking gemstone.

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