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Chrysoberyl: The Stone of Excellence !

Chrysoberyl (pronounced KRIS-dh-barrel), which is derived from two Greek words meaning "golden" and "Beryl", is one of the most interesting, yet least known, of the important gems. Probably the best-known variety is the cat's-eye. With its silky luster and sharp "eye", it is the most beautiful chatoyant stone known in nature. In the Orient, cat's-eye is highly revered as a preserver of good fortune, the belief being that it guards the owner's health and protects him from poverty. 

Alexandrite is particularly interesting because of its color change; the more poetic writers have referred to it as "an emerald by day and a ruby by night". This variety received its name from the fact that it was supposedly discovered on the birthday of Alexander II, Czar of Russia, in 1830. Because of this, and because red and green are the colors of the Russian Imperial Guard, alexandrite has been a particular favorite in that country.

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Cream Green Cat’s Eye - Cabochon - 1.19 Carats
Beautiful Cabochon shaped Cream Green Cat’s Eye gemstone with excellent luster. This i..
Ex Tax: $34.00
Four Yellow Chrysoberyls - Oval - 1.95 Carats
1.95 Ct. / Four Piece Lot. Natural Oval Yellow Chrysoberyl Loose Gemstones. Gemstone Information ..
$178.00 $146.00
Ex Tax: $146.00
Golden Green Chrysoberyl - Oval - 1.15 Carats
Magnificent Oval shaped Golden Green Chrysoberyl gemstone with intense color from Sri Lanka (Ceyl..
Ex Tax: $56.00
Mint Bluish Green Vanadium Chrysoberyl - Oval - 1.00 Carats
Wonderful Oval shaped Mint Bluish Green Vanadium Chrysoberyl gemstone with beautiful glow. ..
Ex Tax: $137.00
Yellow Green Chrysoberyl - Oval - 0.65 Carats
0.65 Ct. Rare Natural Oval Yellowish Green Chrysoberyl Loose Stone Gemstone Information Gem Type..
$77.00 $62.00
Ex Tax: $62.00
Yellowish Green Chrysoberyl - Oval - 0.46 Carats
Sparkling Oval shaped Yellowish Green Chrysoberyl gemstone with eye catching brilliance. ..
Ex Tax: $29.00
Yellowish Green Chrysoberyl - Oval - 0.82 Carats
Appealing Oval shaped Yellowish Green Chrysoberyl gemstone with evenly spread natural color and e..
Ex Tax: $39.00

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