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Ceylon Sapphire

Friday 13th September 2013

Traditionally, the most famous sources for blue sapphire are Burma, Kashmir and Sri Lanka (known as Ceylon prior to 1972). Of the a few, Sri Lanka has been the most prolific producer. The Kashmir blue sapphires are now almost non-existent, since no new content of any significance has been discovered in the final 100 a long time. Burma even now creates some fantastic sapphire, but most mining there is focussed on ruby.

Sri Lanka Map
It is outstanding that Sri Lanka is not only the most successful source for sapphire, but the sapphire mines there are amid the oldest known in the world. According to historical accounts, Ceylon was presently known for sapphire by the 2nd century A.D. and there was an energetic intercontinental trade in Ceylon gems by the 4th and 5th century. Several of the most famous sapphires in the entire world come from Sri Lanka, such as the Star of India (563 cts) and the Logan Sapphire (423 cts).
Today Ceylon sapphire faces competition from new finds of large top quality content from Madagascar. But Sri Lankan stones proceed to be an important aspect in the market place. Ceylon sapphire has been valued for its vivid color, that tends toward a lighter and brighter blue than the darkish blue sapphires from Australia and Thailand.
Given that Sri Lanka is a modest country -- smaller sized than Eire and Austria -- the quantity of sapphire mined there is quite astonishing. In truth sapphire was so plentiful in Ceylon that reduced grade content experienced been disregarded. The reduced grade content was pale and cloudy from an excessive of titanium. In the 1970's gem labs in Thailand uncovered a way to change these geuda sapphires an attractive vivid blue. This new warmth therapy introduced a stream of new Ceylon sapphire on to the market place, as stockpiles of when unusable content grew to become saleable.
Much more recently, Ceylon sapphires have been heated with beryllium to create vivid blue and bright yellow sapphires from pale and poorly colored materail.These lattice-diffused sapphires are promoting for remarkably large charges and the yellow sapphires in certain have been well acknowledged in the gem trade.
The conventional center of sapphire mining is in southern Sri Lanka around Ratnapura ("City of Gems"), southeast of Colombo. However Sri Lanka is most famous for blue sapphire, the total variety of sapphire shades is discovered there, such as pink, yellow, green, violet and the rare pink-orange referred to as padparadscha. The yellow sapphires are often discovered in large sizes (above five carats) and unheated content, although rare, is even now offered in the market place.

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