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Sphene, also known as Titanite, is a brilliant yellowish-green, green or brown gemstone of high luster, unique color shades and, with brilliant cut, an intensive fire that can approximate diamond. While in demand for a long time, sphene has been a rare gem on the market. New deposits have now increased market quantities.

Sphene is named from the Greek word for "wedge", because of its typical wedge shaped crystal habit. The mineralogical name "Titanite" derives from its titanium contents.
Sphene deposits are found in: Sri Lanka, Austria, Brazil, Canada, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Myanmar, Pakistan, Russia, Switzerland and the United States.
The gem color can be changed to red or orange through heating, but most sphene is untreated.
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Green Sphene - Oval - 12.20 Carats
12.20 Carats. Exclusive Top Green Natural Sphene Gem Gemstone Information Gem TypeSpheneGem Colo..
$675.00 $511.00
Ex Tax: $511.00
Green Sphene - Oval - 7.04 Carats
7.04 Ct. Exclusive Best Green Natural Sphene Gem Gemstone Information Gem TypeSpheneGem ColorGre..
$504.00 $382.00
Ex Tax: $382.00
Green Sphene - Pear - 3.03 Carats
3.03 Carats. Exclusive Super Green Natural Sphene Stone Gemstone Information Gem TypeSpheneGem C..
$165.00 $126.00
Ex Tax: $126.00

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