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Kyanite is named after the Greek word for "blue". Its color indeed can make it a lovely gem with a near sapphire-like blue. Usually its color is blue but also can be colorless, white, gray, green or yellow. Color is often not consistent throughout the crystal, often showing white streaks in a medium blue. Luster is vitreous to almost pearly. Its variable hardness is a significant characteristic that has to be taken in consideration by the gem-cutter.

In ancient times it was believed that a kyanite suspended from a human hair could fallow the Earth's magnetic force like a compass needle. In those times travelers took kyanite along with them, when they entered unknown territories. 
Kyanite is believed to aid self-expression, communication and supernatural abilities.
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Blue Kyanite - Oval Cabochon - 39.1 Carats
39.10 Carats. Big!! Natural Oval Cabochon Blue Kyanite Loose Gemstone Gemstone Information Gem T..
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