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Kunzite is a fashion favorite gem that is affordable and available in large sizes. It is called “Evening Jewelry Stone” as it is suitable to wear for night parties because of its sparkling Pinkish Purpulish color, as well as it may fade it’s color if exposed to strong spot lights/Sunlight. But looking to the beauty and affordability of this stone it has been favourite gem stones of high end jewelry manufactures. It is a difficult stone to cut, particularly in small sizes. Hence usually 3 carat and up sizes are available in the market. Usually 10.00 carat and up stones hold good pink color, it is difficult to get good color in small sizes.

This gem can complement most of the colors of clothes in your wardrobe. Kunzite was discovered in United States of America, it was named after George kunz, the legendary gemologist. Kunzite should be more than 10 carats to be pink in color. The gem is relatively hard, with a hardness of seven just like that of quartz. However, it should be handled with care because a sharp blow can break the stone into two pieces. The gem should also be protected from heat and continued exposure to strong light as it may gradually fade its color. The stone can be cleaned using a brush or scrub with little application of dish wash soap.
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Green Kunzite - Pear - 2.95 Carats
2.95 Ct. Rare Unheated Natural Pear Green Rutile Kunzite Loose Gemstone Gemstone Information Gem..
Ex Tax: $96.00

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