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Champagne Diamond - Round - 2.34 Carats

Champagne Diamond - Round - 2.34 Carats
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2.34 Carats. Imperial Champagne Diamond Luster Round Cut

Gemstone Information
Gem TypeDiamond
Gem ColorChampagne
No. of Pieces1 pc (Single Stone)
Weight2.34 Carats
CutStep Cut
Dimensions8.46 Millimeters (L) x 8.37 Millimeters (W) x 5.25 Millimeters (H)
EnhancementUnheated And Untreated
Sold byGemsroyal
Gemstone Information
Gem Type Diamond
Gem Color Champagne
No. of Pieces 1 pc (Single Stone)
Weight 2.34 Carats
Dimensions 8.46 Millimeters (L) x 8.37 Millimeters (W) x 5.25 Millimeters (H)
Shape Round
Cut Step Cut
Clarity SI
Origin Africa
Enhancement Unheated And Untreated


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