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About Us

GEMs of Heaven online gemstone business is owned and managed by SWiJ GEMs, an exporter of fine quality colored precious and semi-precious gemstones including loose Sapphires, Rubies and Spinels from Sri Lanka (formerly Ceylon) which is renowned for its precious gemstones throughout the ages. SWiJ GEMs is a Licensed Gem Dealer (License No: CBA08277) under National Gem & Jewellery Authority of Sri Lanka. We are also known for having rare and unusual colored gemstones. Our semi-precious gemstone supply is constant as we are always "on the go" when it comes to acquiring new colored gemstones. Most of our stones are mined and cut locally.

As a global outlet to the gem business, we have established a modern gem buying store through the web presence called “GEMs of Heaven”.  Here, anyone who is in need of precious, semi precious, heated or unheated gems for jewelry or any other purposes can simply purchase the desired gemstones without the hassle of visiting Sri Lanka. Our customers consist of both businesses and individual buyers. We promote GEMs of Heaven as a prestige brand by making our valuable clients feel precious and important.

Our difference is that we always guarantee the quality of each and every stone. We adhere strictly to quality control, ensuring customer satisfaction with less pricing, which is our competitive advantage over many competitors.

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